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  1. Well done on the bream Derek. You know I still blame you for getting me hooked on topwater
  2. This post read very differently to what I was expecting from the title
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what's a cow??
  4. All I can say is https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/video-bald-eagle-steals-fish-right-off-fly-fishermans-hook
  5. On Friday night I decided to go on a bait fish with a mate. Coz I arrived early and he was bringing the bait I decided to cast a plastic around. Not long after I started, I felta familiar “doink” in the line and so set the hook. Then I heard a sound i had not heard all Winter. The sing of the drag!! After a few runs I saw a good flattie on the line and because she had swallowed the plastic I needed to be a bit more careful how I played her in. Finally got her in and she went 66cm Released to go back and breed.
  6. You appear to be answering the question with some authority JustJames. So is one to assume that the $30 pair of plastic lens sunnies is as effective at blocking out UV as the $300 pair? bn When buying sunnies just make sure they are catergory 3, should say on the tag. This is the Australian standard which ensures they cut adequate UV etc. https://www.productsafety.gov.au/product-safety-laws/safety-standards-bans/mandatory-standards/sunglasses-fashion-spectacles
  7. I am trying JBraid as well. I've found using an FG knot the leader will slip out of the knot. I've tried 6 and 10 lb, both slip. Was previously using Kaikiri brain and never had a problem with slipping
  8. You should put in for a fishraider record "largest fish caught with a swivel" 😁
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