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Gosford Boat Ramp


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Gosford Boat Ramp


Parking for about 80 car-trailers

Ramp is wide enough for three boats at a time

but generally two go in.

New looking bait table

Easy to get in an out

The pontoon is floating so it makes getting in and out

of your boat easy




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Wouldnt recommend using it on a windy day in a small tinny as the swell can really get high when crossing the bay.

Woy Woy ramp would be option 1.

According to few at the fishing club the council will be upgrading the ramp at Koolewong

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Gosford ramp was designed by a idiot who has never pushed a boat off a trailer.

Wind from the N/W pushes your boat under the pontoon walkway.If your on your own its a real pain now.After you have pushed the boat off you can not get onto the walkway easily,you have to run back up the ramp,round the safety bars,run back down the ramp and onto the pontoon and hope the boat is not wedged under the walkway.

All it needed was a floating pontoon down the middle to make it usable on both sides.

Also the bloody idiots on jet-skis use it as pick up and drop off point when tubing.

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