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Shimano stradic 6000fj has excessive backlash


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Hi guys so I have a shimano 6000fj stradic and I've found that it has excessive backlash in the handle. When you get to certain points in revolving the handle and try to turn it backwards it goes backwards to a certain extend and ten stops. At certain pints in revolving the handle it's works fine but some points are quite bad and can turn it back another 30 degrees. Any ideas what this could be.

I'm pretty good with pulling reels apart and do all my servicing but just can't work this one out.

Also the old owner of the reel had pulled it apart which could be part of the problem

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If I'm understanding the question correctly, my tentative guess is that it is something to do with the anti-reverse mechanism. Possibly it got wet from oil or water and is not functioning as it should. The anti-reverse bearing should be dry completely and void of oil. Hope that helps.

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