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Sydney Harbour Friday 13th


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Headed out into the harbour on Friday.

Pretty much the same routine for me. Head out early catch some yakkas and squid ( although I missed out of the squid this time)

Fished around the markers off Rose bay. Plenty of trevaly and bream around. Put a few live baits out with no takers.

Water temperature was around 18 degrees.

Cruised around looking for salmon schools to no avail. Stopped at sow & pigs with the tide running out and burleyed up. Dropped unweighted baits down the burley trail and caught a few good sized bream.

Went over the the point off the quarantine station a saw one of the fishing guides there so I thought this was a good sign. I anchored a reasonable distance from him and cast out a dead squid on one rig and a weighted live yakka on the other. I could see the tour guide was using squid baits and was pulling a few in but I can't be sure what they were... they could have been small jew.

My squid bait and my yakka bait went off at the same time but there was clearly more weight on the yakka bait. I picked up the rod and started the retrieve. It was a big fish but a slow and steady run as if it was not sure that it was hooked so I gave it a short sharp hit to set the hook and to wake it up hoping it would show some signs of being a decent jew. But no... just more of the same even powerful run so I am thinking a big ray or a shark.

After a fight a bit reminiscent of pulling a sand bag up from the bottom a Wobbegong of about 1.5 meters was the result.


I got him in closer, pulled the hook out and sent him on his way.

In the meantime the other rod was still holding a fish but without much fight left so I reeled that in and there was a nice flathead which I kept for a feed along with a few bream.

Saw some interesting wildlife while I was there including a seal lazing around on the rocks and a turtle bobbing around on the surface.

I trolled around the headlands for a while both on the surface and down rigging but no luck on the pelagics.

Typical of my Sydney Harbour trips of late I have no trouble catching a feed but I wouldn't mind a fish raider record or even a PB for that matter!

Next time perhaps.

Cheers Jim

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