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Got the new boat and decided that I should redo some of the wiring.

Problem was that I wanted to add in a VSR and a battery switch down

the back, but I didn't have anywhere to mount it. I'd already made myself

a new Aux mounting board out of some ply that I'd glued together a few times

to make it think enough and I had some left over, so then I decided to get a couple

of small battons and then glue them to my hull, and attach the board to that.

One thing I should have done first, was to put two guide bolts from the back of the battons

through to the board but I didn't think of that until later. It would make it easier to use

the same screw holes.


I can take it out and work on it on my kitchen desk

I put it under the back port seat and was reasonably pleased with the result.

Please excuse the wire mess. I haven't got them tidied up yet as I still need to

attach the outboard and the batteries to the selector switch and that

won't happen until I make/buy the cables. The circuit break means that

I can turn off power from the second battery. I used Anderson plugs so

I can make up an extra one and use that to trickle charge the battery

before a trip


One thing I got that made it a bit eaiser, is a little black and decker electric screw driver.

No idea how it works, but its got a little light in it and you put the bit in the screw slot

and turn like you would a normal screw driver, then the little motor kicks in and does the work.

It must be an auto left right sensor. I found it really cool and being quite small, it fitted

in the space really easily

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Hi Antony

I have found it more convenient to mount the isolating switch in a position where it is easily reached from outside the boat. That way you can quickly check that you have turned it off and if not just reach over and do so.

If your isolating switch is waterproof you should be able to mount it close to the battery at the back of your boat.



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Thanks for that.

the was the main issue of being able to get at it without it being in the way

under the seat was my least worse option. I'll be able to see the voltmeter

on the instrument panel. If its on then I've left the power on.

Won't know if I've left the engine battery on though

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