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Lake Julius, Liechardt River, Gregory River and Lawn Hill

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Been fishing various spots working in a lunchtime or overnite stop where there is water.

Lake Julius managed a short casting session at the boat ramp at lunchtime. Caught a few archer fish on small hard body lures then had to move on as there was nowhere to camp nearby and the co pilot was not at all keen to camp in the mulga in the middle of no where on our own. The 150 km of gravel some in 4wd was not appreciated just to get to a fishing hole either. Any way got out before the rain came.

Leichardt River travelling along the road came to the Leichardt river and the was water in it so grabbed a rod and climbed down the embankment and cast lures for 20 mins a few more archer fish on soft plastics. Did see some other fish in the river I didn't recognise but couldn't get them interested. Back up the hill and onto Gregory river for the night.

Set up camp next to the river then walked along the banks casting lures caught my standard quota of archer fish had follows from gar and a few other fish then packed up in time for tea.

Travelled out to Adells Grove , set up camp near the river then noticed the no fishing signs.

Closer reading indicated fishing was allowed 50m upstream of the swimming area and 50 m downstream of the camp area. Saw some sooty grunter, catfish and archer fish in the river so started tossing lures on my 2kg outfit-- mistake hooked up on a good sootie and he new where the logs were. Next day moved up to 6lb braid and landed a sootie and several archer fish.

Moved on next day heading for the Albert River.

Will add some photos when I get better internet connection and some better fish.

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Sounds like some nice places to fish. How big were the archers? I would have thought they'd be a bit small to catch on hardbodies.

Keep at it and good luck

The archer fish I am getting are from 20 cm up the best was 32cm 500gm and cook up quite well.






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Oh cool that's pretty respectable. Is there barra in those parts and is that what your targeting?

Yes there should be barra but haven't caught any yet.

Have caught sooties , bream, catfish and grunter enough for several meals but no big fish.

Have reached the saltwater now in Karumba so feel I have a better chance as saltwater seems like home.

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