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A weekend at Forster


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I am going up to Forster next weekend for a few days with the family and would love to get some beach or estuary land-based fishing in and maybe even a charter.

I have never been before, can anyone give me any pointers about where to fish and what I might catch? I was going to take a flick stick and my beach gear.

Thanks in advance


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Ive never tried land based there but a boat hire will get you among flat head & bream near the oyster leases.

depending the age of children try kayak hire you should be able to see the flatties as you go over them if you get out around the bridge the dolphins will entertain the family.

what ever you end up doing its a nice spot you will enjoy it.

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For the beach I would target 7 mile just south down The Lakes Way, for tailor etc. Easy access.

The north end of one mile beach Forster, below the big sand dune has big bream on fresh mullet.

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Yeah half day boat hire isn't too expensive mate, when I didnt have a boat years ago. Try Tikki boatshed on the eastern side of the lake. Deifinetly take plastics, try the oyster leases on the western side, the leases in the middle have deeper water and a lot of current. Also try drifting where the oyster lease sheds are on the northern side. When I say northern side, its the sheds that face the bridge - the lake itslef is massive so not the extreme north of the lake if that makes sense. Its not too far from the boat hire places. The channel that has the boatshed on it is worth a try also. On the south side of the bridge are some sand flats that extend to the middle leases, just keep an eye on the tide. In fact, keep an eye on your depths at all times as some parts where you can take the hire boat are pretty shallow.

The beaches are worth a shot, you could spin up tailor and use for bait, or at night the little wharfs near the food/dining places near the boatsheds are great for bait gathering - mullet, herring and yellowtail.

I went to forster - well diamond beach mates parents holiday house - eight years ago. Bought my first rod, reel etc then and the bug hit. That trip really got me into fishing. The thousands I have spent since I blame on that trip lol

Any questions fire away.


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