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What is on your "photographic wish" list ???? For years I had been wanting to get a lightening shot but the situation had never presented itself to me - until I was staying with my daughter at her Freshwater apartment. Whilst staying there back in February 2012 a large storm was banging away just to the south of the harbour. I set up my tripod just inside the french windows with the lens just peeking out as there was torretial rain.

Was firing away on 60 second exposures,cable release and manual focus on infinity. Must have taken close to 100 shots whilst the storm was rumbling away and managed to capture just two strikes. This was the best one.


Another thing on my photographic wish list was to see/photograph the Aurora Borealis. Fortunately where our caravan is here on the Mull of Galloway,SW Scotland there is virtually no light pollution and I have managed to photograph it on three separate occasions. Also back home in Whitley Bay,NE England have photographed it once there.

This shot was taken just by our caravan here on the Mull of Galloway


Any of you guys photographed the Aurora Australis,Have you got to go down to Tasmania to see it ?

Something I have tried for on many occasions is to photograph meteorite showers. I did manage a couple of poor captures last year so fingers crossed for this year :sun:


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