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Dual Battery/VSR Question


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Hi all,

I set up my batteries and VSR today, which according to the schematic, all went to plan.

My question to anyone that might know is;

Is it normal that;

position 1 is auxiliaries

Position 2 is main

Then both or off

Also, as it currently sits, I can only start the motor from position 2, which means when running electronics, I have to flick to # 2 to start and in turn, temporarily losing all electronics.

Is it okay to switch to both to start so that I don't have to lose lights etc at night time? Or, could I be wrong?



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The switch normally has 4 positions , Battery 1 , Battery 2 , Both , & Off.

You should be able to start the motor or run the electrics from either battery. If you start the motor from , say , battery 1 then during the day want to switch to No.2 the switch is , 1 , both , 2. Ie , there is always power going to the electrics unless you turn the switch to the "Off" position.


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