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Lake conjola 26th


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Hey there raiders,

I'm heading down to lake conjola next weekend and was hoping to get a feel from the locals as to what is biting. I'll be bringing the yak down so I'll be looking to explore the lake a bit more than my previous trips around the entrance.

In the past I've had bites from tiny whiting and a few legal flounder in that spot but was hoping to hear that there are still some good flattys around or even some sizable salmon and tailor.

Thanks in advance

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I was down at my van a few weeks back and went for a cruise on the boat,

The sand bar across from lakeside park was holding some good size flatties

One bloke said he saw two monsters!!. Then a westery blew up big time and I had to put the boat out.

Was a good 40 min on the water tho hah

Good luck!

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Hey guys just a quick update.

Unfortunately no fish were caught this weekend as I only had limited time one the water.

I ended up yakking to where Berringer lake joins Conjola and saw a few flatties but none were interested in what I was throwing at them, possibly because of the 3 sea eagles circling quite close overhead...

I had a few bites off the beach where the lake meets the ocean but no solid connections. Was still a beautiful day fishing and got to watch a family of whales frolicking while I was there.

For those heading down there soon the lake entrance is closed to the sea at the moment so tides are a non issue but large expanses are even too shallow for a kayak.

Hopefully next trip is a bit more fruitful although just being down there is enough to make anyone happy.


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I fished at bendalong in the holidays and did well getting nice size snapper around the 40cm warm and a few big mowies. Just go out about 2km from bendalong point in about 25-35m and you should do good

Cheers Ethan

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The boat ramp is beach. On high tide you can go on croncrete if isn't high tide you will be pulling out on the sand. When you have your boat hooked up and going to go out, reverse out of your trailer marks then pull out. Seen a few getting bogged there before. Also don't go out on a northeast swell goes straight into the boat ramp which causes waves and is hard to hook up.

Cheers Ethan

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