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Sydney Harbour 3/9


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Took my Dad and brother out for session chasing sambos. We launched at Roseville, didn't see any bird or fish activity down middle harbour, or the main harbour. Headed around North head to be greeted by thousands of flocking seagulls as the sun rose above the horison. A lovely sight - but there were no salmon busting up. We mooched around for half an hour with about 10 or so other boats till finally a large school of salmon started busting up at the base of the cliffs. Managed to get into one on a 7g metal before the school was put down by some morons trolling through the middle of it. Unfortunately lost the fish when the snap swivel opened up! Have been using snaps for 10 years and never had that happen before...

About this time my brother got seasick, poor guy was out of action for the next 4 hours, but he didn't want us to stop fishing on his behalf. Anyway, the schools were busting up less and less, we had a few more hits but no hookups (but we did 4 guys hooked up at the same time out of the one boat! - we later discovered they were using stickbaits - 4 inch in purple fleck I think), we reverted to trolling minnows. My Dad ended up landing one out of a total of 5 good hookups! (Happy fathers day). Next time will have to improve the conversion ratio ...


We gave up soon after hooking up to a kayaker who crossed our troll lines. Wow he sure put up a good fight, but we had to snip the line and let him go ... be on the lookout for a kayak with a yo zuri minnow embedded in the rear end.

We ended up jigging for some squid in the harbour. Got a few for dinner - YUM YUM. We often saw them hit the jigs under the boat. Amazing sight fishing - exceptional clarity in 8 meters of water could clearly see the bottom. The rain may have dirtied things up a little now.


No birds or fish action in the harbour or up middle harbour on the way home. My brother felt better as soon as we got into more sheltered water near the spit. A lovely day out for all (even my brother says he liked it - crazy kid).

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Yep guys, cooked up the squid for my in laws Sat evening. Went down an absolute treat cut into rings with a light coating of seasoned flour and 1 min each side in hot pan with olive oil. Who's the favourite son in law then? :biggrin2:

appoooh - My brother put out a bit of burley (but wasn't too much left by that stage :1prop: ). Any kelpy spot in the harbour should have some squid in residence. Just keep moving till you find some willing to play. I caught all these near you favourite harbour rock spot ...

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