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Aussie Salmon as bait?


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Walked past my local fish store today and noticed they were selling salmon at $2 per kg. That's a hell of a lot cheaper than anything else I've ever fished with. I know people use tailor fillets as bait, just wondering how well salmon works?

Also, they were selling yakkas for $4 per kg, how well do you think these would work compared to freshly caught?

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Guest no one

Caught a lot of Snapper on Aussie Salmon in New Zealand... and caught a lot of Aussie Salmon on Aussie Salmon fillets... fresh of course! Its tough so will stay on the hook for a long time!

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Quality responses guys.

I never really knew that what they sell at fish markets wasn't that fresh (mostly because I don't eat fish), so I was hoping that it was all good quality stuff. I ended up buying a few yakkas just because they were easy to transport, and they weren't all that fresh.

I suppose I'll just need to learn how to catch Salmon.


and yakkas :/

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