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If its a handheld unit your after then I use a Garmin GPSMAP60CS (the 60C is basically the same,cheeper, but without elevation I think).

It's GOLD!!!! :thumbup:

The unit runs on two AA batteries for around 8-12 hours and comes with some basic, uncalibrated base maps..

The uncalibrated map is ok (or i used to turn it off) for plotting marks and going back them. However the maps are not a real accurate reference.

The unit itself is very accurate and easy to work/run (its the type of unit where you dont have to read in the instruction manual all the time to work it) :ranting2:

If you buy the mapping software (around $300ish extra depending on region etc etc) then you get a some pretty accurate data.

I usually run out to my normal reefs for a fish, then have an explore when its gets a bit quiet.. I have been able to pin point pinnicles at home and upload the waypoint to the GPS and then I find them easily with the unit when I am out on the water.

The screen is easy to see and putting in marks quickly on the fly is too easy.. When drifting, i hit the Mark button everytime i get a good hit.. its actually a bit scarey to see future hits happening on the rods not because of fish showing on the sounder, but becasue you are hitting a previous mark!!!

I also use the unit when hunting and driving, its good in valleys/plains etc etc, but can loose signal in thick scrub (not sure if this is the unit or a general GPS thing though)

Only thing to watch out for (and this is a general GPS thing) is the thing called "Datums".. Datums controll the accuracy and can be set defferently on different GPS's (if you have gone to a spot a mate has given you and what you are looking for is not there, chances are he is using a different datum)

I think the current Australian Datum is WGS-84 ( 0r something like that).. Ask the GPS guy and he can make sure your on the right on.

Only other advise I can give is to get a GPS and dont put it off if your working reefs that have no good reference points..... since I got mine, my catch rate has increased significantly!!!, One issue is that you can get dependant on them ( i would be lost without mine these days!!) :yahoo:

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