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Sydney Offshore - 1-Sept 2014 - Ablies and Belt Fish

Scent Blazer Lures

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Did a combo for a change, did a couple of drops over Browns first. We got a Red Rock Cod and a Belt Fish, looks like hairtail. Are they any good to eat? We had a monster fish on the last drop but it busted us off about half way up.

Heard a few small YFT and Albacore caught on the radio NE of Browns. A couple of boats radioed and said they caught them jigging. Water over Browns was green so we fanged it NE and found a temp break and better water about 6NM from the mountain. Chucked the lures in there and got an Albacore almost straight away. We hooked a 2nd while pulling in the first, it took a sinking lure. Got another on the lure behind the camera. Trolled for a little while longer and headed back, had way more than enough fish on-board.

Biggest around 20lb.









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