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Narrabeen Lake finaly delivers


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Been fishing Narrabeen for a year now as i just moved out this way 2 years ago. Caught more doughnuts than fish through that time but today was the day i was waiting for.

On the water at 7.30 and the sky was grey and the rain looked like it might drop in. Headed over to the first sand bar and started flicking my favourite new plastic around the drop off ( savage prawn ). After watching Guestys fishing show on working the drop offs.

I positioned myself in 4mt and throwing my plastic on the sand and hoping it back with long pauses. 5th cast in i see the line tighten and i take up the slack but no good, i let it rest again and bang, a nice 50 cm flatty, i was pumped.


The light rain started but i was happy as, paddle back over and started working the drop off again and bang, a nice bream at 29


. Coming from vic ive only ever caught big black bream but far out do these yellow fins go hard in shallow water, after a heap more casts i headed over to the next bank and bang, was onto another bream at 28

, by now the rain was coming down hard but i didn't care, i out up the bimini, ( golf umbrella )


and kept working the bank, next cast the reel screams off and the rod tip was bouncing, it hits the surface and the big girl ive been hearing of in the lake appears, she looked 80cm but it was probably smaller, the excitement always makes them bigger. I was on 6lb leader so i was stressing out as it towed me around. it came to the surface again, head out of the water and with the longest head shake ever, she spat the hook, noooooooooooooooooooo. it was hard to be disappointed as she was going back in the drink but it would have been nice to get a pick. Straight back over to the bank and bang, a little tailor to throw into this crazy session.

2 more cast and bang again, i couldn't believe it, in comes another flaty at 48. I was soaked but sessions at Narrabeen never happen like this for me so i didn't care.

4 nice fish in the yak for me, the darls and jnr i thought you no what, thank you fish gods, im done.


The best 1hr sesson on the water ever. Left them biting hoping the the fish gods show me good carma next time i head out.

Im almost glad i didn't get the big girl in. Just like in the old movies. I no Big Birtha is in there, and ill keep heading out till we meet again hahahah. And if i never tangle with her again, the story can be past down to my kids and by then that girl will be a monster lol.

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Nice work! Pity about the one that spat the hook, but stoked that the lake is firing again. Thought about heading there this weekend to try out a few new blades and plastics I picked up recently, but unsure as to whether there was much happening. Might have to have a flick tomorrow morning.

i was going to flick some blades and hard bodies but the plastic was killing it.

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Great to see that all that rain has stirred things up in the lake...

i think the rain worked in my favour, there was not one paddle boarder and a hand full of yakers, so the fish were not getting spooked on the flats. normally there so many around the islands, cheers

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