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South coast weekend away


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Headed to our place at lake Conjola on the weekend for a quick trip away.

Thru the small tinny in the water to punt around and fish in the lake but after many locations I ended up with a big fat zero. Lake is dead at the moment but the enterence is open and absolutely racing in and waters crystal clear so a good sign!

Sunday morning up at 530 for a beach session at first light which would only last an hour as my stomach had other plans to come back for brekky! Whilst I was on the beach it was flat and a run out tide about an hour off dead low so it was perfect to fish a gutter at my feet. Hooked up a Pilly and 5 seconds later hooked onto a nice and fat 32 cm bream.. 20 mins later the rod buckles and a few jumps and runs later I have a 50 cm salmon on the beach! Happy days! 630 back for a coffee and brekky!

Head out around lunch time for more zeros! And back in sydney dreading work tomorrow :(



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