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Nothing but Port Jackson Sharks - Environment related?


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My usual spot seems to be over run with port jackson sharks. I either get no bites or end up pulling up one of these bloody things! They're so heavy you cant pull them up the rocks so you end up losing the rig half the time.

Does this mean the marine environment where I am fishing has changed?

I did throw out a cuttle on a float and I noticed the current was flowing pretty quickly East (despite a mostly Easterly wind ie heading West). I wonder if this is causing small fish to get swept away as the current makes it too tiring for them to stay in the water there? It was the run in tide, fishing near Middle Head.

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Ah ok, that makes sense. Do they scare away other fish? My spots have been really quiet despite fishing the same as a few months ago

No... I've been catching loads mixed in with all other species. Good by catch - I enjoy catching them!

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