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Georges river blackies sat


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After spending 110 days touring Qld got home and found everyone has been exaggerating about rain and bad weather in Sydney. The last 5 days have been good almost very good.

Went down to Cronulla fri arvo and collected green weed from the rocks. Went down to the Georges sat morning early with my son, bites were a little slow but fish good size. It was one of those days when the fish just wouldn't stay connected with hooks pulling on a lot of fish. Another day you don't lose a fish.

Did keep 2 @ 38cm, 2 @ 35cm and one 33cm about a dozen throwbacks and home by 9;30.

Will give them another go one day this week.


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Glad to see you have not lost your mojo, blackfish have been pushed out of upper reaches of Georges by the big fresh, I believe that Como, Caravan Head Oatley Point and North in Georges are the areas that the fish have moved too. Last Friday I was over at Illawong at noon and a chap was fishing the weed beds just up from ferry wharf with two good size fish for the river in his Keeper Net. I also checked out Lambeth Park at Picnic Point and the water was yellow and none of the locals were fishing for blackfish there till fresh clears up. The botany weed is now plentiful in soccer field creak. They have been catching blackfish at wharf to right of Captain Cook bridge on morning tides this last week and I caught some on Thursday on the Southern side on an afternoon session fishing run out when predominantly it is a run in spot.


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