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Genesis mapping. Lowrance and simrad


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I'm eagerly awaiting my new simrad unit and looking forward to using the Genesis mapping feature.

Does anyone have experience with this?

I'm especially interested in mapping shallow waters and am interested how this works with both tide sea and swell.

I. E. How does the unit keep track of the depths when a, it dosen't know what the state of tide is and b, differentiate between a peak and trough in the water on swell and waves to match accurate bottom mapping?


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Hi Steve, all the gear has come in now so I will send it straight away. As for the Genesis mapping it is a good feature that allows a boater to map where he uses his boat mainly and if not in the chart-like say up river from Spencer, then you can get more and more detail each time you go "sonaring" in that place. From what I understand, on the website the Pro guys make there charting and finding public so you should check that out..



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Experience has show waves don't have much of an effect as your depth reading is an average of the whole cone, as one half tills forward the other half tills back so it averages out.

If you data shared in the social map they should in they adjust it for tide other wise you would have to do it manually, I'm not sure how accurate the adjustment is as I haven't had a chance to go back and check how good a job they have done.

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