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Last few weeks: Cooks river SP and Girlfriend teaching.


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G'day raiders!

Been a while since I've posted as having the gf move in and starting a new job has been hectic, but to soothe the tress I've had some nice sessions with the gf and solo plastic fishing in the cooks. So here's how it's gone.

Been making a concentrated effort to nut out some spots on the cooks for jew and bream, no real luck on the secret silver but have been having a heap of luck on the bream and flatties.

Managed to get down for a dedicated finesse bream session a week or two ago on a little patch of sunny weather that finally coincided with a day off work! My little nitro/sustain combo got a long awaited workout as i finally got my groove back with light plastics. Managed a few nice bream on zman 2.5 inch grubs in motor oil (such a great lure) fishing 4lb braid and 6lb leader on a 1/20 hidden weight. d23ed8b07589c20f203924c1d7a2fd39.jpgc789c9260a3b2074d026dca2c23bb95b.jpg

also in that session managed to land a 40 cm trev who was absolutely dead set on running me up and down the banks! These fish just pull bream backwards just as you think you've tired them out they go for a longer run than ever! Great to give the drag a workout. That singing sustain is music to the ears especially after a few doughnuts before this!

So a week went by, and I finally managed to put my dollars aside for a sexy new jew combo: certate 2510r-pe and black label technical 5-12lb. This thing is smooth as. Although christening it wasn't quite how I imagined.... girlfriend noticed me going stir crazy and said "ok let's go fishing on your day off" (think I'll keep her guys)

So decided to keep her education going and throw some prawns at Bradley head (gotta pick the most picturesque places when I take her she doesn't like sewer pipe bridges...) she fishes like a champ and she eventually got her largest fish yet! Just as I was about to start some kind of pagan ritual to posiedon to get her a fish or she would murder me. A beautiful fan tailed leather jacket (I think?)

She also got a taste of pier fishing in Sydney. ..With a couple of blokes setting up and casting over her line on purpose. Oh well. I christened my combo with a cute little trev on a prawn. Hey its a fish!861478b3e5181dc5fb9929ba41531ecb.jpg01f918d56c7dc82cda669521d197a3f9.jpg8845e407509c507dc55e0a1272b4c0ca.jpga777fe905401db992fb833ca14eb2f38.jpg

After that session I gently told her that that kind of fishing wasn't quite a detox for me, and that some solo lure efforts in the cooks were definitely what the doctor ordered :P so took the morning to go chase some bream again. Had a cracker bite and within an hour had two nice bream and half a dozen dropped. Also as i noticed a piece of garbage floating by I tried to snag it with my lure by rapidly retrieving towards it (good old zman again) doing my own personal clean up the cooks program. As it got close a silver flash pummels it and races off! After a nice fight had my pb tailor of just shy of 40 cm. Don't see that many over the legal mark where I fish so it was a nice surprise and shows karma pays off!156d38e2e6ab9213b47cef3d66ab2948.jpg00f5111c8be4fc15d1956a34777daae4.jpg8c1be2a939a817a1a00835629127c7dc.jpg

My last session was yesterday morning, a dedicated heavy plastic session in the hope of another jew. Giving the certate combo it's first true workout. Damn it's a smooth setup glad I spent the extra bucks. Managed a bunch of flatties and dropped a 60 plus at the rocks, thing I managed to hook a school jew from the way it fought but dropped it when I tried hopping over a tree branch. Also spent some time climbing mangroves to get lures back as getting used to the rod led to some less than stylish casts.

Havnt been photographing man flatties as i usually try and get them off quick and get the lure back in the water but here's a couple of snaps :)f6c48627c56bc2c868148443c7f1947c.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/09/17/0c07d30a2e43ba8627ab4cf358b9a28b.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/09/17/a1bb06f61e6ac89289cdd8c2a7e4f333.jpg

Thanks for reading guys, gonna try and post session by session so it doesn't take half an hour to write and 10 mins to read!

Loving my plastic fishing at the moment and keen to meet up with some more raiders in the next couple of weeks :)



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