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2 unusual catches

big Neil

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The Murray Cod season is closed and the Yellowbelly aren't very active due to the cold water and lack of shrimps and yabbies in the water at present. So this time of year I target Carp. Last Thursday I was fishing for Carp and my rod and rod rest took off into the river before I could get to it. It's only a cheap spin outfit so I wasn't too worried and certainly wasn't going in after it. I managed to retrieve the rod rest but the rod had disappeared from sight. The next day I finished my household duties early and headed back to the same spot to get a few more Carp using bread dough for bait. On one retrieve I snagged some line and pulled it in...my fishing rod, reel, hook and sinker were all intact, though it was all a little muddy. I put some bread dough on the hook and cast it in and within a minute had a nice sized Carp on the bank. Rebaited and cast in again, then put the rod in the rod rest. WHACK and the rod doubled over, with no prior warning. "Big Carp, here" I thought only to find a 55 cm fat Murray Cod surface near the bank. Now that's the second (and biggest) Murray Cod I've caught on bread dough, while fishing for Carp. Naturally it was returned to the water unharmed. Big Neil.


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