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It's been too long!


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After 2 months off I will be taking the boat out for the first time tomorrow.
I had surgery on my shoulder 6 weeks ago to repair a bad tear . And to be honest recovery so far has been slow and painful.
However I've been given the Ok to step up the exercises if i go steady.

I spent the first couple of weeks off work on heavy pain killers watching TV and researching fish finders. Which resulted in ( what I'm telling the wife) a drug induced purchase of a simrad which was 3 times our agreed budget [emoji33]
(thanks to Huey who did an amazing deal and offered lots of advice)

Over the next few weeks I've removed everything from the transom and had a custom made rise and fall bracket fitted for the transducers and live bait pump.
I also got all the old holes welded up.

I've stripped all the old dash fitting back and fitted the new sonar and with the exception of the engine harness have completely rewired the boat.

I've removed all the remaining stainless fasteners and hit them with duralac.

Toooo much new tackle purchased.
Rods and reels are cleaned tackle organised to see if it's in the best draw in the tackle box.

Thankfully the weather looks good for tomorrow or I would be forced to have moved onto numbering my lumo beads and counting the split shot.

It's been a long few weeks.
See you on the water tomorrow. Where I can hopefully get a result to post a fishing report.

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Onya Steve, good to see that you are back on deck.

Have to arrange a fish out wide as soon as you are available.

And this time please let the boat go if it is pulling your shoulder out of place. Yes I know, you have kept stum about that day but Raiders should be aware that it all happened whilst launching my boat. What a dedicated Deckie!

I will make it all up to you when we go out to the Peak or the Plonk Hole and get amongst the Kingies (or the Leatherjackets,good tucker.) Joggler (John) would also like to come out there. Either on my boat or join us in his boat. Let me know when you have a day free.



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Paikea it wasn't the boat moving. It was the swiftly departing trailer you didn't know I was stood on.

Just goes to demonstrate the importance of communication even when doing something that seems simple.

Nothing to make up mate but don't take that as a decline on the offer to go out wide.

Just pick a date and I'm. In.

First outing was a mixed bag. Sadly very little fishing and no takes but lots of water covered and getting to grips with the electronics.

(its quite different using the unit live rather than in simulation mode ( note to self. You can't use chirp and down imaging at the same time ( no the transducer is not faulty))

I'm just in the process of uploading all my mappings to Genesis.

I've also got more work to do on transducer mounting. Getting so much white water around the transducers above 10kmph it's losing bottom.

It's good to be back and looking forward to the next outing and focusing on the fish.

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