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Hey Guys,

My wife got me a Go Pro 3 black edition for my bday, woohoo!

Was wondering what you can tell me about your fishing experiences with the Go Pro, in terms of battery life etc.

Things like, should I turn the wifi off when not in use, or is the wifi and remote worth using together due to reduced battery life.

Oh and how long does the battery last with the camera off and wifi on - I read reviews saying it dies overnight.


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the wifi mode drains the battery really quickly the remote is not really that good i rather use my phone or ipad with the gopro app. the battery lasts all day but unless u have a really big sd card you cant film that long i have the 32gb card and it holds 4 and a half hours of footage

cheers sydneyfisjer12

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I use mine on continuous loop - that way it records a loop of a specified time - e.g. 20mins or 5mins or 60mins - when something good happens, you press the button and the last 20mins (etc) is copied over to the SD card. That way you dont need to use the wifi remote either - but yes, using the remote drains battery badly. I have a 12vlt charger on boat so hook it up to that, good for charging phones as well.

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