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Long Reef Beach - not a touch


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Did an afternoon trip out to the beaches this afternoon as it was my only available time for a fish this weekend. Originally went to fishermans beach but it didn't look that good at low tide, so went around to the Long Reef Beach near the surf club. Was using a left over mullet from last week that had been in the freezer so I was not that confident in it, but it seemed alright as it defrosted. Put a larger chunk out on my surf rod and used a small piece on my light rod just hoping for a whiting. Had what appeared to be a hole with a channel coming off it in front of me but from 2pm to 7pm not a bite. Fished through the low tide and up until dark.

If anyone is after that stringy weed for blackfish, there are egg sized balls of it washing up on that beach. If you put a line out you also collect a fair portion of it too. Not sure if its too late to be of use but there was plenty of it there.

Nice evening and sunset was about all you could say for the trip. Plenty of friendly people on the beach too, a number asking the normal "had a bite" or "caught anything", and one guy handing me an iso float he found on the beach.


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Mate I fish the run up to the high at night.

If you park at long reef surf club, go to the furthest south corner .

Walk south past the lagoon, and to the pole at DeeWhy

It's a good spot and the best way in.

Go with pillies, and try for tailor salmon, and then upgrade with the fresh catch.

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