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Sunday Syd Harbour - Nothing


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Headed out yesterday arvo around 2 - 6pm near middle head. Strong NNE winds made things a bit difficult but i whacked on a big star sinker to keep the line taut

Used combos of half pillies and some cuttle i caught a few weeks ago. Nothing, not even a touch... Absolutely dead quiet. Not sure if i just smell or if this part of the harbour just isnt firing. Saturday looked like a good day though, saw a few promising reports.

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I was out sunday arvo, I agree the wind was horrible made it so hard. I saw one big school of fish working for a while near the heads but a big yacht decided to sail straight through them and they never came back :mad3: . I ended up finding a sheltered little cove and caught a 3 squid and a few legal bream on vibes for dinner. I was sounding up a heap of kings but they wouldn't bite anything.

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I was out this morning again. Dead calm, dead in general. Had nothing but small fish nibbling the bait.

Current was strong. Wonder if that affects things. I may move to the other side of Clifton's and try my luck at tailor Bay.

Head north head is looking good but don't know any spots there

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