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Old Bar- South Arm Manning


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Hi Guys...

Just purchased a Hobie PA 12 and heading to Old Bar on the weekend..... Never fished it before , but will be doing plenty there now the Outlaws have moved up there!!!. I Love to use SP's & lures for Flathead, Bream or whatever just after any advice for that area.

Also is there somewhere to put the kayaks in closer to the river mouth then the Bohnock ramp ??

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I've only fished there once, where you turn left on the dirt track before the caravan park. Easy access to the back water there. We were able to pump nippers easy. Threw lures and SP's most of the day. Some stonker whiting there. Caught a 45cm cracker on small poppers. Not sure about this time of year though! Also got a luderick on a deep diver. Great place to fish!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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