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Rompin Sailfish on fly


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Last week I went to Rompin (Malaysia) to flyfish for Sailfish.We stayed in a house with good food and a good boat crew.

The sails are difficult on fly.Not easy to tease to the boat,Small boney mouths and with the acrobatics-they are adept at throwing the hooks! There was a one second window

to cast the fly;hook up if the planets were aligned; and then hang on to try to survive to wild jumps!

But they are very rewarding when you do hook up.The first run at lightspeed is 150 meters-they are the fastest fish in the ocean! All were released of course.

I snared a few. The wharf.





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Like scratchie said, that episode on IFish when they go to rompin, I remember the runs the fish took

I would have settled for the small one mate

That Ocean is flat

Flatter than Sydney harbour on a good day

Sounds like an awesome trip mate and I'm sure it was amazing getting them on fly

Well done

Cheers thefisherman6784

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