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Flatties galore!


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With the task of feeding 6 adults and 7 children, decided to target flathead in 40m off Ulladulla. With 2 others, started off at about 7am, armed with pilchards and squid. Fished paternoster rigs, drifting from 35m to 50m. Well, the squid remained untouched but the pilchards did all the damage. In a few short hours, 13 fat flathead up to a 2kg beauty! That night, a dozen oysters, a kilo of prawns, 26 flathead fillets and a few craft beers....aaaah! Great to see fisheries checking catches as well! f5a1c4577d8c889852c0c4eb063c35fa.jpg

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Ahhhh, the simple flattie......

Not the brightest fish under the water, but certainly one of the tastiest.....

Sensational catch bud.....

Just because it has a flat-head doesn't mean it doesn't have any brains. :eyeballs: It has one of the BIGGEST heads of any fish, as we all know. Can anyone name an intelligent fish? Wily perhaps.

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