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Awesome Brown Trout


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This was my second visit to the Motueka river since moving from OZ and boy was I not disappointed. I was using my tassie devils, as on my last trip I caught a nice 50cm brown on it. Found a new stretch of river that I have not fished yet and threw my first cast and bang Im ON! I saw a huge tail come out of the water as he smashed my lure. For the next 20 minutes I ran up and down the bank through shrubs and slid down a mud bank until he tired and came close to shore. When I picked him up I was amazed he was 77cm and close to 4kg and in perfect condition which was amazing as breeding season has just finished. This was the biggest brown I ever caught and a celebration dance was in order. Both my wife and I are holding the same fish. She could not believe it as she thought it was a Salmon because she has not seen a trout that big before in her life.


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