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Installing a fuel sensor & connecting to a Yamaha digital fuel gauge


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When I purchased my boat in 03 the dealer advised fitting a sensor was not practical due to the irregular shape of the tank. Being some what nieve on this aspect said , OK & for the past 11 years have been using a dip stick.

Reading an artical a few weeks ago I thought maybe getting it to work was a good possibility.

Searched the web for sensors , found 3 that had possibilties , selected a Wema SSL , purchased one with the appropiate length & proceded to install.

Let me say at this point , installing is not a 5 min job.

With out going into great detail at this time , for me , the tank needed to be removed , empty all the fuel , cut a 30mm hole , install the sensor , then wire it up to the Yammie gauge.

Calibrating was then the challenge. The gauge has 8 bars.

When the tank is empty or the fuel is low the bottom bar flashers. I needed to know how many lt was required to stop the flashing.

I added fuel 1 lt at a time then checked the gauge. At 9 lt the flashing stoped so if the bar flashes that means I have 8lt or less in the tank.

This is unlikely to occur as I rarely have less than half a tank at any one time.

I then added 1 more lt to round it up to 10lt. From that point , I added fuel 5 lt at a time then checked the gauge noting down when the second bar & subsquent bars appeared until the tank was full.

This is the result however , it is important to note , this is for my tank & as other boats have different size & shape tanks they will need to be seperatly calibrated.

Boat Fuel Gauge

Tank capisity , 65lt

Avg. consumption , 1lt / mile

Bars Liters

8 60/65

7 55

6 50

5 40

4 30

3 25

2 20

1 9

1 Bar flashing , less than 8lt


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