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Beach/rock fishing rod and reel combo


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Hey guys,

Thought I would get some advice on a rod/reel combo. Every summer I head up the NSW coast over the christmas break where I mainly fish off the beach/rocks. This year I thought I would buy myself a decent setup to give it a real crack and hopefully catch some better fish.

So the question is: what is a good rod/reel setup where I can spin for salmon/tailor/smaller kings off the rocks, as well as soaking some baits off the beach for salmon/tailor/jews? I was thinking of a setup where I can run 25/30lb braid with the whole setup costing around 500-600ish.

I saw the Tcurve revolution inshore 8-15kg rod (9ft), was thinking of matching it with something like a Daiwa Ballistic 4000. Has anyone had any experience with this rod/reel? any other recommendations?

Any help is much appreciated.



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Shimano graphite areowave 13ft 8-15kg rod with a 6000 class baitrunner OC (also shimano) spooled with 20-30lb power pro.

I bought this set up by accident but it's never let me down on the sand or the stones. Great gear, reliable and cheapish if bought at the right places (PM if you want some details) cheaper than most other options (130 for rod, 200 for reel and 70 for braid, while setup 400)


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I concur with the aerowave. I have the 12ft with a Fin Nor Lethal LT60 reel.

Only thing with the graphite rods, look out for rock impacts. I snapped the tip piece on my aerowave when I slipped on rocks and the rod pieces slapped a rock as I fell on my butt. Fortunately a good tackle shop chased it up with shimano as warranty for me and sorted out a replacement for me.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the advice! After a few unforeseen expenses (need to learn to adhere to parking time limits) I had to put off getting the outfit for a while.

I think I have settled on getting the daiwa sensor surf (10ft 12-20lb) matched with the daiwa ex ballistic 4000 and 20lb braid. I thought this would be a nice light all-rounder for spinning off the beach and rocks for salmon/tailor/smaller kingfish.

Although I will not be specifically targeting kingfish with this setup (I have a 50lb spinning setup for livebaiting/throwing poppers off the rocks) I was still wondering about the following:

1) How will this setup go with small to medium sized kingy's? (around 80cm's); and

2) If I ran 30lb braid through the setup to give it more stopping power, would the rod be able to handle it? Even though the ballistic is rated at 8kg drag I would realistically only be running 4-5kg through it.

Thanks again for the help!

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