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hey raiders, went out this arvo due to a power outage in my my area. went out with the mrs with the plan on visiting a frozen yogurt shop, suggested last minute before leaving the driveway that it might be a good idea to bring a flick stick just in case...
started driving to a random destination the gf picked on google maps and just followed it.
rigged up the 1 rod and sent it on its way. 2nd cast of the day and i got a nice hit, to my surprise it was a nice flathead. i didnt have a net so i tensley eased it onto one of the steps on the wharf only to just heave it out and run up the stairs hoping it didnt snap off to the top. i got to the top of the wharf and the fish fell off the line... i said "wow that was lucky"... to my surprise the fish bent the snap swivel straight connecting the jig head to the line.... i more than likely forgot to snap swivel in the locked position before i sent it on its way so that was pretty lucky.... either that or the metal on it is pretty cheap and bent straight out of the locking part.

anways was pretty happy about that. fished for another 30 minutes or so until we called it quits after snagging the bottom on 3 separate occasions and getting over having to re-rig everything again. not to mention one of the lights on the wharf turning off.... if someone was sending me a sign i finally got the message loud and clear haha.

the truth-o-metre showed the fish at 52cm.

cheers raiders


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