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My ozzie "angling adventures" - Report 6


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After a short walk from our apartment in Port Douglas I arrived at the harbour jetty for 05.15. Dawn was just starting to break.


There was no sign of my main quarry,those hard fighting diamond scaled mullet but there were two large rays splashing around in the main channel. My arsenal consisted of bread,squid and steak. I had never tried steak at this spot before so decided to freeline a cube of this straight down below me. As I was waiting for some action I was groundbaiting with minced up bread/squid/steak. Eventually got a decent bite and struck into this fellah,a black bream.


I continued to take bream regularly on the steak but still no sign of those mullet. I was distracted from fishing as I spotted an archer fish,its the first one I had ever seen. He was knocking flies off the jetty pylons with jets of water. I found it hard to believe how accurate he was.


At last I seen a shoal of mullet out in the main channel and quickly got my catapult out of the bag and started firing out bread to them. Eventually I drew them in close enough to have a go with freelined bread.


After the usual refusals one eventually took the bait and the fireworks started. It put up a tremendous scrap and tried to dive under the jetty on numerous occasions. At last he started to tire and I slowly walked down the stairs towards the water. Because of the state of the tide I just had to "hand" the rod around one pylon this time and not two!I beached him onto one of the steps and here he is.



The rest of the shoal had scarpered during the fight and I decided to pack in and go back for some breakfast. After that we headed down to the beach and I took my gear with me "just in case" LOL Dorothy decided she would have a bash so I set up the gear with a sliding float rig with squid on.

She got a couple of tentative bites but I assuimed they were tiny fish. I then had a go and never even got a nibble!


Tell you what mind,you could not find a more scenic spot to blank at. Check out "Crocodile Island" on the horizon. Cool or what ? All in all a most enjoyable session.


I hope you are enjoying these series of reports I am posting up. I am not intending to post up every fishing session I have had in my 4 trips to your great country,just a fair representation of my trips.

My next report will see me on a charter trip reef fishing out from Port Douglas.


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