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All good again

big Neil

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It's been a very difficult period over the past few months, here on the Murrumbidgee. Low water levels and very cold water made catching natives (Murray Cod and Yellowbelly) difficult, to say the least. So this erstwhile angler targets Carp and hones his skills by getting rid of some of these pests. Must say that this past Winter the Carp have been quite large and provided much fun for myself and any grandkids who get dragged along for a session. Last night and the previous Tuesday night I've been down to the river and am pleased to report that there's been a huge improvement. The water is warming up nicely and shrimps and yabbies are getting caught again. Over the two Tuesday late afternoon /evening sessions I've managed to nab 10 Yellowbelly ( 5 keepers) 6 very large Carp and a bycatch of 3 Murray Cod (which are out of season and returned safely to the water). It's going to be another great season fishing on the Murrumbidgee once the Murray Cod season opens again Dec 1st... BRING IT ON! Big Neil.

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Hi Big Neil,

Great to hear your account of fishing the Murrumbidgee.

I am a Sydney Angler but the Murrumbidgee holds plenty of significance for me as it was my first freshwater fishing location as a young fella with by Dad and 2 of my brothers.

We fished below the Burrinjuck Dam from the early 70's through to the 80's at a place called Childowlah. I went back for a few days earlier this year after a 10 year hiatus and found that my usual camping spot owned, by the local sheep farmer, had been be sold off in lots and was now inaccessible. We moved to the camping area down river. The place had not changed much except it was greener that I had seen it for a long time and roos and wombats were seemingly in big numbers.

I remember a time (as you may well too) when there were no carp in the river and trout, yellow belly and redfin were our most common catch. That all seemed to change in a couple of seasons as the carp moved in somewhere in the middle of the 70's as I remember.

Reading your post brings back fond memories of some great times as a kid. Its a very special part of the country.



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