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Murray river fishing top to bottom


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Evening all, heading off next week on a bucket list adventure. Going down the Murray River in a tinny from Yarrawonga to the sea.

While I have fished the briney my entire life, I have not done any freshwater fishing. I will be on the river for about a month and could do with any advice on techniques,lures,baits etc.

I have 5 and 10 kg spin outfits and bought half a dozen spinner baits in various weights and another half dozen stump jumper lures. I also have a couple of smaller rapalas that I will take. I have a yabbie opera house I style trap and a ring net.

I have read as much as I can get my hands on including all the licensing requirements and seasonal fishing restrictions. I will have the opportunity to troll or fish from the bank morning and evening.

If anyone has 2 or 3 top tips for this type of fishing environment it would be appreciated as I will have

plenty of time to test them out.

I hope to take a few fish to eat (but survival won't depend on it).I hear that Redfin go ok on the frypan as do callop.


Cpt Ahab

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If you are on the bank during low light or at night I would highly reckomend giving surface fishing a try. Halco night walkers or Z-man pop frogz are my most succesfull lures so long as the cod season has re-opened before you finnish.

Good luck on your epic eadventure :)

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Aye aye Capt...where do we start. Your timing is unfortunate in that the Murray Cod season is closed until Dec 1st. These are prolific and not hard to catch. I won't bother too much with info on catching them (as you can't target them anyway). There are plenty of good opportunities for Yellowbelly though. Take a shrimp net with you and put a bar of soap in the "bait pocket". A killer bait for Yellas is shrimp and worms on the same hook...fished in a paternoster style. Redfin, Carp, Murray Cod and Trout Cod will all take this bait. Fish the low light times (early am or just before dark) using a sinker which will hold bottom in a slight current. Cast into the main current and let your rig move round till it stops where the water current eases off. This is where the fish hang out. If you need any more info pm me and I'll be happy to advise. No doubt you have read that spinnerbaits and lures to about 10 cms are ideal for Yellas and you will get redfin too in certain areas. Good luck and let us all know how you are doing. Big Neil.

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