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Doing our bit for the natives


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Hi all, long time no post.

I thought I'd give you an update on our last trip to the Murrumbidgee. A friend and I went out on Monday morning with yellow belly on our mind. We threw a series and small diving lures and crank baits at every pool, weed bed and snag but no takers.

I spotted a dark shape with a forked tail in the shadows and threw a kokoda vibe out and angled the retrieve over the top of the fish.

The line goes tight and the fish starts pulling. 'Ha! I mush have foul hooked him!' I thought (possibly out very loud)

Any who, after a nice tussle on some light gear, there was one less carp in the system. The lure firmly hooked into its bottom lip.

My first carp on lure post-24607-14128488184466_thumb.jpg

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