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Port Hacking


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Pumped some nippers and started fishing just on sun-up. Tried a few different sandbanks to find the fish.

Ended up with 4 flatties from 38 to 58cm plus 2 just under size, also 1 bream and a just legal whiting. Saw a few whiting swimming about, but they were not interested in nippers, think they may prefer worms at the present time.

Fished a couple of days ago, same places and using nippers, but only caught 2 blackfish, and dropped a third one near the boat when the line broke, and a bream. The blackfish were bronze coloured and around the 35cm mark. Saw a few schools of them in places. Also schools of salmon about, but not interested in lures. I saw some flathead swimming about while I was fishing, but they would not bite that day, so I gave it another go today, as I thought the tide would be better.

Photo now added.


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Sounds like a pretty successful session this morning. I have experienced the same thing with the salmon not being interested in a variety of lures. Have had more success on them just outside of port.

The salmon are swimming about in schools between Lilli Pilli flats and South West Arm, can see them just cruising about like schools of big mullet. When the passing boats go quiet, they head to the surface to feed on micro bait, fly fishing may produce some.

At other times, they will grab a lure as soon as it hits the water.

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I was out for a few hours a couple of weeks back for nil. was about to go home when a friend stopped for a chat, he pointed out where the salmon were and threw a bent minnow at me and showed me how to work it. I went over to the channel by SW arm, cast out and had about 10 salmon climbing all over it with out hooking up, tried again same thing but prob only about 8. So i swapped to a chrome and nothing, like the fish weren't even there. swapped back to the bent minnow and wham hooked up 65cm, a few more casts and hooked up again 58cm. changed my boating morning to a fishing morning, mate got his bent minnow online down cronulla cheap as chips or i should say affordable made my day.

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