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Salmon, flathead, and a mixed bag.


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Headed out from Sydney Harbour this morning to find some huge schools of salmon around North Head.

Found a patch with no one fishing it and my mate and I threw several lures at them.

The only one they liked was this one which is a small jig head with plastic body.


Even then they would not touch my lure as I had a clip before the lure and it was ignored although put in the midst of chopping fish several times, while my mate caught a couple as his was just tied straight on.

As 2 is enough of salmon we then went of Dee Why wide where we caught a mixed bag .

The few Hawkesbury prawns we had went well as samson fish and morwong seemed to like them, with the pilchards working for the flathead.


The NE breeze and the S current made the drift a bit fast even with the sea anchor, and it was a bit jiggley but an enjoyable morning.

I had the salmon and jacket for tea. Salmon is pretty good to eat fried but if even slightly overcooked it becomes stringy.

All our fish is killed, bled, then iced down on the boat, and most filleted and skinned when home, which makes a big difference to the eating quality.,

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