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Bilge pump outlet position?


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I've had both. The issue tends to be knowing when all the water has been removed rather than the lift height.

If you have tiller stear it really does not matter as you will be able to see the outlet from the rear seat however , if you have a forward controlls then it is difficult to see the outlet if out the back.

When traveling along & the noise of the outboard will be louder than the pump so you will not know when all the water has gone & the pump will be running dry.

With forward controls , if it's out the side , you can see when the water stops , out the back you cannot.

Mine are currently out the side , on a previous boat it was out the back .

As I was unable to see the rear outlet I drilled a small hole , about 1mm on the top of the pipe which created a tell tail so I could see from the forward controls when the water was all gone.


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