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Ramp At Silverwater Rd


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Doesnt look as if it is used alot ...it looks out of the way and wouldnt like to return to my car and find the trailer missing :wacko:


I have used this ramp with Pedro. Security isn't an issue, as the police patrol that area regularly due to its close proximity to the goal. :thumbup:

Solo launching could be a bugger if a Rivercat were to come by as you were at the ramp. Be very mindful of the Rivercat....even if there is a couple of you. It has a nasty wash. :thumbdown:

The ramp at the end of Wharf Road at Ermington is OK for solo launching. I usually just beach my boat on the rocky edge of to the right of the ramp opposite the pontoon, but I have an alloy boat so don't try it if you have a glass boat and are scared to scratch the gelcoat. Again, be wary of the Rivercat wash.

Another ramp is at Putney. It is pretty good for solo launches, as it is the only one of these 3 ramps that you can actually 'walk' your boat to the pontoon. Again...Rivercat wash, but it isn't too bad here as the river is wider.

All of these ramps can be a pain in a bit of cross-wind, so it might pay to use a painter on the rear of the boat to keep it aligned as you retrieve.

Travel time from the Silverwater ramp isn't too bad. About half an hour if I remember correctly.

We have a Ramp Report section on Fishraider. It can be found HERE. But unfortunately it doesnt cover those 3 ramps. I may have to go and use them again to refresh my memory. :biggrin2:

Incidently, if your fishing the Harbour, why not use ramps closer to the Harbour??

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The only one I would rate for solo launches would be the Putney ramp, or perhaps the Bayview/Concord ramp. You will have to pay at Bayview, and wait for them to open at 7 I think it is.

If I wanted to use any of these solo, I would probably opt for Putney as being the easiest. Mainly because you can walk your boat to the pontoon if you didn't want to beach it next to the ramp. Parking is free, but limited, so get there early.

I have gotten used to the Rose Bay ramp, so I don't mind using it. And I am generally there early and it isn't too crowded. When I come back, its before the afternoon rush so it works out good. Another reason I like it, is that the Harbour gets very congested and wishy washy under the bridge due to ferry and other water traffic. When my boat was tiller steered I just didn't want to put up with the dramas. :wacko:

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The Silverwater ramp can also get very slipery at low tide, plus there's a strong current which may cause problems for solo launching. There's HEAPS of parking & I've never seen a queue for people waiting to use the ramp.... looking forward to seeing a pontoon there :yahoo:

The Wharf road ramp can get very busy, particularly on Sundays. It is also quite exposed which can make retrievals dificult do to the wind. I think a couple of members to this and another site have lost trailers at Wharf road.


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Hi All

Im fairly new here and wanted to share my experience with the moron rivercat captains at Silverwater.

Ive used this ramp around 5 times now as its the nearest one. Security seems fine during daytime, plenty of rangers, council workers, police, joggers and cyclists around at all time, the new wharf is ok but yes Ermington is better.

The one problem is the rivercats. Most are well behaved, only making around 1ft of wake/wave, however Yesterday, We had just docked in our 14 ft half cab when an east bound Rivercat came past at around 15 knots, Ignoring the no wash zone he was leaving and sending a large wave 2 - 2.5 ft high at us. it soaked me from the thighs down, drenched every sqaure cm of the boat inside and out and ripped the boat's tie rail off caused our vessel to nearly capsize.

The boat almost ended up on the ramp. If we were tied to the front of the jetty and not the side, we would have definately been in trouble. From what i could see the moron dipped his bow or sped up, to cause such a a large pressure wave, it scared the shit out of me and my partner and damaged our boat. This was a complete cowboy and im in the process of reporting all this.

Luckily we had just docked, if had of had the car/trailer there retrieving the boat, im certain i would have a written off boat and car right now.

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