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Port Hacking - murky water


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Headed out early this morning, rather cool for this time of the year. Murky water, but no logs floating about, just sticks and weed.

Fished the deep water off Lilli Pilli, for a 41cm tailor on a pillie and a 66cm kingie on a squid strip on a handline. Apart from those, the small reddies attacked every bait thrown into the water.

Headed home not long after sunrise as there is enough for a couple of feeds.



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Was going to head out myself this morning but thought the fresh water in the system would turn them off?

Well done bro!

And yes 66" is legal, 65" is the limit!

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Nice catch yowie,

Did you catch them in the channel?, thinking of going down there this weekend.

Did you have a weight on the ganged pillie?

Great Catch :clapping:


In the deep water out from Lilli Pilli bathes. No weight on the pillie, just allowed to sink naturally.

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