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Cutaway transoms


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Hi guys, a neighbour was asking me today what is the purpose of the cutaway in my boats transom? And why they don't put full transoms on all boats big and small?

My responce was they save themselves 2 square feet of aluminium on each boat built by dropping the transom saving themselves $50 per boat.

The look on his face was priceless!

Anyway what is the reason? Im assuming it's to be able to fit different outboard shaft leg lenghts to each boat, im also aware that full transoms are more seaworthy particular in a following sea and give alot more freeboard around the transom.

It also would save a little in costs I suppose.

This is what I told him hopefully all or part of this would be correct as I wouldn't like to lead him astray.


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Its all about strength where the outboard is attached All the weight of an outboard is up high where the motor is so a full transom is not just an extra piece of ally it needs to be engineered and strong enough to hold that weight up higher otherwise the transom will crack

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It might also have something to do with long and extra long shaft motors costing a fair bit more (and weighing more) hence a dealer will be able to package a short shaft boat/motor/trailer for a cheaper price. Maybe the boat manufacturers recognise this and pitch their transoms accordingly?



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