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Prawning south sydney, Help!


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This week is meant to be one of the first of the season for prawning with the waining moon.

I know it's still early days, but I'm going away on the 10th of nov for 3 months and don't want to miss out.

I have a prawning handheld net and a j shaped underwater light.

I'm from cronulla area and was wandering if anyone could advise me where to attempt to catch my first prawn?

I've heard you can catch them at kurnell in the opening of the king George's river, not sure about the port hacking.

Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it!

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Hey dale91,

Mate Kurnell can produce at times but from what I have heard they're still pretty small there. In Port Hacking you are not permitted to use and type of net or trap (except a landing net) so no prawning there. If you really want to get some prawns you might need to put in some travel time to go to places like Lake Illawarra or The Entrance. I have occasionally seen and caught prawns in the Georges River although if you plan on eating them, best not to take them from here. As for the time, if you can't get out in December and January your chances of catching a decent amount of prawns do decrease a bit. But in saying that, you never know what could happen so I wish you luck mate and report back to us on what you get.



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Hey fishingguy,

Cheers mate, I appreciate the help.

I went down with a mate to kurnell on Tuesday night and scooped a few small prawns. They were small and I only grabbed a few, so I just released them, I managed to grab a few garfish to (released) and saw a few massive (2m) manta rays!

The prawns weren't running but we had fun.

Does the rain and weather affect their run much?

Cheers for the help!


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