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Prawning in Port Hacking IS allowed with a prawn net


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According to the legislation pertaining to the area . Prawning is permitted all year with the use of dip or scoop nets and landing nets

Here is the link to the legislation


Once you open the link click on the + Appendix tab, scroll down the left column to the bottom and click on the Schedule 1. The right hand side of the page then lists all the restrictions and allowed methods for fishing on all the NSW Estuaries. Scroll down to Port Hacking. Under column 3 - Methods of fishing prohibited , it states

Any method involving the use of a net or a trap, other than the following: (a) a dip or scoop net (prawns) , ( B) a landing net.

It took me a while to find the actual legislation regarding this topic but here it is

A lot of what is on the fisheries site is of a general nature only and it is worth checking the actual legislation for the actual rules to a site that you want to fish in.



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The prawns in Port Hacking do not run with the outgoing current, they mostly sit on the bottom and it's a matter of scooping them off the bottom. Not as easy as it sounds.

Also at night time a few of the bigger bities (sharks) swim into the shallower water so be careful.

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