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New Gliss fishing line


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I know it's early days but knowing how resourceful some Raiders are, I just wanted check if anyone has played with the new Gliss line. I'm interested to see how it compares to the hype.


Is Gliss the line of the future?

23 Oct 2014

IN an exciting development in fishing tackle, a brand new line reportedly so thin and strong it could replace braid is about to be launched onto the world market.

The latest issue of Angling International has reported on the revolutionary new line called Gliss, developed by World Fishing Tackle. Gliss is made from extruded hmpe fibres and according to World Fishing Tackle's managing director Christian Dibisch, combines the qualities of mono and braid lines.

The line’s potentially unique combination of qualities and applications have already triggered an international demand that has almost overwhelmed the staff at the German company.

According to Dibisch, Gliss looks like mono but has exceptional diameter-to-breaking strength ratios and has three times less stretch than other lines, giving it a very wide range of applications. It is also extremely supple, has excellent line lay on the reel and is easier to dye than braid, he says.

But it is not just the quality of the line that makes it so special. The speed at which it can be produced makes it very attractive commercially and has led Dibisch to speculate that it could eventually replace braid.

Dibisch estimates that it takes around 100 hours to produce 1000 metres of braid, depending on the type, and says he can manufacture the same length of Gliss in a matter of minutes.

Dibisch believes World Fishing Tackle is the leader in braided line sales in Germany – and the irony of the situation is not lost on him. “I have become my biggest competitor,” he told Angling International.

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I have to say that I use a lot of braid but I do prefer a mono line in some applications such as on the kids rods, fishing very light or in windy conditions and especially with flicking lures attached to a swivel as all these situations for me at least add up to more tangles. Some of the issues of course are reduced when you use a mono leader but I think that you have to pay much more attention when using braid.

So in short, I would be keen to try this new alternative and it seems its a whole lot cheaper to produce so we should see an eventual reduction in price after they have fleeced us a little in the new product release hype!

Thanks for posting this one.

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Nice... sounds exciting - more line on the spool, better strength, more hook ups... sounds amazing! I wonder if the price will be competitive?

And Oh my god it comes in Pink!!!!


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