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G'day raiders, can anyone help identify this fish? It took green weed intended for blackfish. Caught two of it on a day. Put up a good fight despite its small size. Both released back. Thanks!



Yep silver Drummer.




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Looks like a silver drummer  :wacko:


Yeah, thanks. That was my initial guess though. But isn't it supposed to be silvery in colour as the name suggested? Both fishes I caught were of almost the same sizes and had the same distinct "bump" on its forehead. Could the features be attributed to juvenile species? :wacko: Well, if it certainly is a Silver Drummer, I'm relieved it went back into the water! :thumbup:

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Yeh the smaller ones tend to be darker than the bigger ones. They are a great sport fish, I have caught them up to about 5kg and they go real hard, but they taste like crap which is why there are so many big ones around as they mostly get thrown back.

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