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Daiwa Shorehunter or Chilli Dog


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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some advise between these 2 rods. I'm looking at buying either of them soon (or something else possibly) but I'm torn between them. I'm a land based fisherman usually from wharfs but sometimes on the beach. I'd prefer a shorter rod but I don't know what the casting difference would be between the two. The way the 2 rods are described on the website it seems like the chilli dog might cast further although I would assume this is not case as the shorehunter is longer, and it's called a shorehunter.

I guess I'm wondering if the Chilli dog could be used as a beach rod?

Has anyone tried both that might be able to give me some advise.

I'll be aiming to catch kingys and salmon mostly, sometimes with lures sometimes with livebait.

The reel I already have and want to use is a 3000 Certate which I think would be ok with either.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Not experienced with the shorehunter but the chilli dog is a nice rod that is hard to find nowadays.

It's a long rod and not really designed for the beach, more for lure casting for snapper, small pelagics and for long casts.

BTW there is second hand CD for sale in the city store if you're interested in buying second hand gear

The 3000 certate is a good match with this.


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Hi Dez,

Thanks for your help. If it's for long casts that will probably do me. Luckily my local store carries all Daiwa models and they have all battlers in stock. Think I might go for the Chilli Dog. I'm curious though how much a second hand one goes for. I didn't know there was a fishing store in the city what is it called? PM only to abide by site rules.


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