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Daiwa Demon blood 962 vs Saltist or Sea Jigger


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Looking for some advice and if anyone has had experience with either of the below rods:

- Daiwa demon blood 962 (2017 model) 

- Daiwa Saltist Hyper V2 962 

- Daiwa Seajigger SJ315M (2019 model)

I’m tossing up between the 3, looking to pair it with my Saltist LTD 6500 reel. I mainly go rock fishing for pelagic species and land based for Mulloway.

Would love to hear your thoughts and hear anyone’s experience and thoughts on best option. Open to other suggestions as well.




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Not personally a fan of dawia, but mate loves his demon blood. Believe he has it paired with a Penn clash though. Also have another mate with the saltist hyper and a saltist ltd, he's landed some good king's and bonito on that setup. Personally I'd go a prevail 10ft, they're tough, handle well, weight a bit but I prefer a bit of a heavier rod, and I just like how overall durable Penn gear for the price and worst comes to worst, Penn customer service is pretty good. In saying that, my mates preferred their dawias over the penn. They just liked how the dawias handled. I'd suggest go to a shop and try the different rods, see what you like. 

My main dislike of dawia is the costumer service. Had a couple of guides fall out, the rod was like 2 months old and only used a couple of times. Called dawia and they just said buy a new one. So that was the end of me buying dawia stuff. 

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You can't beat Dawia rods.

I have a Demon Blood the early model.

It is in a world of its own.

I use a Penn 4500hs on my rod

Seajigger rods are ok,but the Demon is much better.

Happy fishing.

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I have 2,Seajigger rods, Med/Light & Heavy

excellent rods - they are absolute slingshots. Super Light weight and have plenty of power. 
I use them for beach fishing. Med/light I use for whiting, bream, flathead. Heavy I use for anything larger off the beach - beached up a 1m eagle ray - after some huge runs up and down the beach.

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