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Bluefish Point


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Hi All

A guy my wife works with has recently been fishing at Bluefish Point at North Head/Manly and has been having a fair bit of success (he says he is catching tuna, but I am not so sure). Does anybody know anything about this spot, like specifics on where to fish and some pointers on the type of gear needed?

I will find out some more when I can talk to this guy (have never met him before) and share his info with everyone.




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This is a pretty narly spot as it sticks out a fair way and is lapped by deep water. The northen side has an underwater ledge running from the shit works out to roughly the point, running north. This drops another 20 feet off into sand with old car tyres in about 60 feet off water. On the Southern side of the point it gets really narly with big boulders and drop offs. Both can be very dangerous in any kind of swell in either boat or land based. In answer to your question about tuna. Well, I know tuna have been taken there Ive been regularly fishing and diving the spot for a while and I haven't heard of any being taken recently. This is of course unless your talking Bonito its possible that shes got onto a stray mack but I havent heard or seen any.

Cheers Phil :1yikes:

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Hi Pogo,

BTW, happy birthday! It is a gnarly looking spot, only half heartedly fished there by trolling as we go by on our way to Spot X further up, which is now one of my fav spots, scored a couple of nice rat kings, salmon and trevs there on fly. As for Blue Point, there are always boats there and it has a fair bit of a write up in most of the fishing directories and some mags.

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G'day Fishless,

I used to fish that spot alot years ago & it gets pretty hairy in any sort of swell. Back towards North Head a bit is the main ledge. It used to have steel spikes in the ledge that you could tie yourself off to with rope ( I've done it before & it probably saved my life). Damn good spot though but very snaggy. Oodles of bream, trevs, tailor, jew, pigs blackfish etc. I used to cast out with as little lead as possible & slow retrieve to avoid snagging up.

Further around the point to the north is a good LBG ledge thats well worth balloning a livie out from. This spot is great in a southerly as it faces directly north. I've taken Kings, bonnies, mack & striped tuna there in the past. This could be the ledge that you have been told about.

Remember to wear cleats & be very careful down at Bluefish. Don't fish it alone & wear a PFD. If you do go in there is very little chance of getting out. It has claimed a number of lives in the past so again PLEASE be careful.

Good fishing, :1fishing1:

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the ledge on the point is very dicey in a decent east to north east swell, the ledge is narrow and backed by a cliff/cave so there is nowhere to run if water comes over. bit better in a south swell as the waves tend to miss the point but still, be careful.

watch out for the standard pilly tossers and pommy travellers casting from the top of the cliff behind you, over your livie...

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