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A New Article By Ross Hunter

Ken A

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Thanks for a great read Ross. It certainly was an eye opener. By the way, when you retire from the charter game if you want to run for the DPI ministers seat, you've certainly got my vote mate.



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It makes me wonder if we as custodians of this wonderful resources put to much faith in politicians. I read a lot on this sight and others about the decline in a lot of fish stocks and how as rec anglers we are a "sleeping giant". I also read a lot about the bizzare policys of our beloved minster Ronald MacDonald and his various departments.

I propose that as a significant body of the community we mobilise this sleeping giant and take our own action. How long do we rely on letter writing, all it seems to do is waste valueble tree stocks. How long do we rely on reports that just get poo pooed by Ronald as being non sciantific or anecdotal or whatever other term the goverment wishes to use in order to dismiss it yet at the same time uses even more flawed logic to support his minstrys vandelism.

The time has come in my opinon to take significant action to highlight these issues in the minds of the broder community.

Some simple things i do:

1) Is let everone who will listen know exactly how they get their tuna sandwich. Tell them how many seabirds, turtles, sharks and a plethora of other creatures die to support their tuna sandwich.

2) Boycot tuna, marlin, gemfish etc etc and let resturants etc know how you feel about them selling it on their menus (my wife gets embaressed but its too important to worry about embarsment).

3) Make sure as a fisherfolk you ARE mighter than thou. Too often I hear people talk about declining tuna yet leave their bait packets and old line lying around the spot they have just fished.

BUT I propose more than this...I say blockade the tuna fleet with flotilas and stop them taking the last of our tuna stocks marlin stocks etc etc. I propose organized days of action where by rec fishers walk to the minsters door. If the bastard wont talk to us then we should walk to his door so he has no choice but to listen to us. Let people going into the fish markets know whats going on. I beleive the time has come for rec fishos who care to pull on the gloves and step into the ring to defend our marine friends. It worked with the Franklin, now days those "crazy greenies" dont seem so crazy at all, it worked with "I FISH I VOTE" marches of the early nineties (at least we have some form of political represention) the king fish traps were banded. If we continue to take the approach we do at present time will beat us. LETS DO IT NOW OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

Cheers Phil.

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The news of that 21 C & R had a good portion of Sydney lit up as there were two comps coming up shortly afterwards. It was an amazing effort and shows the exemplary abilities of Ross, his crew and boat. :1worthy::clapping::clapping::clapping:

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there is just to much fish etc going overseas it won't be long before there nothing left my grandfather has told me many times what it was like in lake macquarie look at it now bugger all not just around here but all around australia even nz something will happen but it will be too late for every one... :(:(:(

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